What makes Angel Revive so special?

Our values and commitment

We take our environmental obligations very seriously – we have invested in a canning operation to provide an alternative to plastic bottles. The plastic bottles we do use are recyclable and BPA free. Our range also includes recyclable glass bottles. In the future we aim to provide our water in tetra paks too.

We’re proud to be the UK’s first naturally alkaline water brand. By buying Angel Revive you’re supporting local jobs and a family business with a firm commitment to invest back into the area and local community.

“Angel Revive is the superhero of waters in purity, nutrition and healthiness.”

Steven Gerrard MBE
Co-Owner, Angel Revive

A source noted in history

Historical reports of the water

There are numerous historical reports dating back to the 17th century detailing the health benefits of the water found in our Mawdesley aquifer.

Access to the aquifer was buried for nearly 100 years, and rediscovered by accident by our founder in 2017. When reopened, a large angel-shaped formation in the rocks inspired our name.

Our mineral and pH profile

Minerals, electrolytes and pH

Our water naturally contains minerals and electrolytes that promote wellness for the body. They are:

  • Calcium – as well as maintaining good bone and teeth health, calcium is important for our muscular and nervous system processes
  • Magnesium – helps support our muscle tissue against fatigue
  • Manganese – an essential nutrient involved in many chemical processes in the body, including processing of cholesterol, carbohydrates, and protein
  • Iron – critical for efficient oxygen transportation in our blood
  • Sodium & chloride – these are the main electrolytes lost during physical activity and need replenishing during hydration.

Our bodies operate best at a pH of 7.4 but due to our food and drink intake we tend to operate at a sub-optimal acidic pH.

Alkaline water helps prevent this and keeps our body performing at its optimum pH balance.

Our water is naturally alkaline (8.2pH) which means there is no loss of pH soon after opening like with ionised water.

A good source of alkaline water is spring water – usually between 8 to 8.5 – that naturally becomes alkaline by acquiring minerals as it passes over rocks.*

*Dr Lawrence Wilson, Specialist in Nutritional Balancing, Centre for Development Arizona