So it turns out, not all water was created the same…

Angel Revive is the only naturally alkaline water brand produced in the uk.

Our water trickles down through multiple layers of mineral rock across the Pennines into an aquifer; a naturally formed underground chamber deep in the earth protected from all outside contamination.

Angel Revive is collected at source, UV tested for safety and then bottled locally.

The water from the aquifer remains untouched by humans throughout the entire process – what’s bottled is water as pure as nature can provide.

Our water is naturally alkaline (8.2pH), which means there is no loss of pH soon after opening like with ionised water.

“Angel Revive is the superhero of waters in purity, nutrition and healthiness.”

Steven Gerrard MBE
Co-Owner, Angel Revive

Brimming with essential minerals and electrolytes.

Naturally collected over miles of beautiful Lancashire countryside.